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Hey! I'm David, cofounder of zkSecurity and the author of the Real-World Cryptography book. I was previously a crypto architect at O(1) Labs (working on the Mina cryptocurrency), before that I was the security lead for Diem (formerly Libra) at Novi (Facebook), and a security consultant for the Cryptography Services of NCC Group. This is my blog about cryptography and security and other related topics that I find interesting.

Firefox Add-on: Unencrypted Warnings posted January 2016

I never understood why Firefox doesn't display a warning when visiting non-https websites. Maybe it's too soon and there are too many no-tls servers out there and the user would learn to ignore the warning after a while?

I don't know, so I wrote a few lines and made the add-on here

unencrypted warnings

Just drag and drop the .xpi in your firefox. You can also review the ultra-minimal code in index.js and build the xpi yourself with Mozilla's JDK

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