Here is a list of links I stumbled into and found interesting. Usually related to Crypto/Security although it could be anything. You can also suggest me something.

US Newspapers using https June 2015

06/23/2015 06/22/2015 06/21/2015 06/20/2015 06/19/2015 06/18/2015 06/17/2015
The worst examples of hacking on TV June 2015

Twist Insecurity June 2015

Let's Encrypt Launch Schedule June 2015

Lastpass security notice June 2015

Why doesn't TLS have a threat model? June 2015

Should SSL be terminated at a load balancer? June 2015

Oauth security cheatsheet June 2015

nist ecc workshop live June 2015

Internet_of_Things June 2015

CakePHP: Using the IV as the Key June 2015

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